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No one wants to be that person whose clearly-customized ride turns heads for all the wrong reasons. If you are looking to customize your vehicle, here are a few of our suggestions from our team at Shults Resale Center on how to do it right.


1.    Add a fresh coat of paint. Changing the exterior color of your vehicle can certainly give it a custom look. Before you go crazy with the paint, choosing a color theme or opting for understated detailing can go a long way in transforming your vehicle in a tasteful way that doesn't make people's eyes open wider when they spot you driving down the road.

2.    Go for quality. When upgrading your vehicle, choose better parts and accessories. This does not necessarily mean bigger or louder or brighter. For instance, better, not louder, speakers will enhance your driving experience. Better tires will provide for improved traction and handling. Bigger rims, well, they just don't look very good.

3.    Focus on the seating. Another way to customize your ride is to have the seats re-upholstered for added comfort and as a way to show off individual style.

4.    Let there be light. Installing LED lighting or adding colored lights for a creative display is a fun way to add custom arts to your vehicle. As you install the lights, keep in mind that your colors will get the most action when the vehicle is not in motion.

5.    Power it up. While expensive, arguably one of the most rewarding upgrades is the addition of a turbocharger or supercharger to your engine. While no outside detail tells of this internal upgrade, it makes all the difference as soon as you press on the gas pedal.

For all of your vehicle customizations, choose an auto tuner you trust. Of course, we at Shults Resale Center are here to help with your customization and tuning requests. After all, we know what it feels like to have the coolest car on the block. Stop by our service department at Shults Resale Center to get the car of your dreams!

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