Importance of Winter Tires


When you go tire shopping, you'll notice that there are lots of different types of tires . The most popular type of tires are all-season tires. These are designed for gripping dry roads and providing you traction in warmer months. But, living in the Olean area, you should also consider the advantages to buying tires designed for colder months and icy, snowy roads. Having a set of winter tires and a set of all-season or summer tires is the best, and safest way to get around Olean. 

How do Winter Tires work? Winter tires are specially designed for harsher climates, improving handling and keeping you safe on snowy roads.Winter tires are made using a special chemical compound to make them resilient to cold weather. This mixture gives them increased flexibility, making them harder to puncture and giving you a larger footprint (or tire-print) on the road - which leads to better traction. They also have deeper treads for good grip, and they have special channels to divert water.

Do I really need Winter Ties? While no one can force you to get winter tires, they keep you safer on the roads from November-April. That's one of the reasons the DMV and NHTSA suggest you get winter tires if you live in a climate that has cold weather and sees a lot of snow and ice (like ours). One important thing to remember is that winter tires are bad for summer time, so you should have another set of tires for warm weather.

Are Winter Tires expensive? Ultimately, winter tires don't cost you more money. That's because you're not using your summer tires and winter tires at the same time. When the weather is right, simply switch them out. This will extend their life, and give you better handling when you need it. You can either switch them out, or make an appointment at our service center and our service techs are more than happy to replace your summer tires with winter tires (or vice-versa depending on the season). 

When you are ready to purchase winter tires or simply to put your winter tires back onto your car, stop by Shults Resale Center and we will get you ready for everything the winter season will throw your way. Simply stop by or fill out the service form below. 

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